Foodie Penpals and Holiday Time

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Earlier this week, I got a VERY exciting email. My July Foodie Penpals package is on its way! I am being sent this month’s food by Evette, who writes a blog called Bizzimummy. She lives in Bolton, and it’s tough when you’re paired with someone from the same country as you. I need to start making a habit of buying non-perishable items when I see them – at markets, on holiday etc. – because you obviously can’t rely on a “this is what we eat in England” approach when your penpal also lives there! I’m curious to see how Evette has tackled it.

I am sending my package to a woman named Kate who also lives in the UK. She is focused on healthy eating too, so I have hopefully put together something that she will like. I’ll let you know what I sent once she receives it. (On the basis she is reading my blog DAILY and it would spoil the incredible surprise for her. Yeah, unlikely).

Anyway, it’s great that Evette has sent my package already because…..I’M GOING ON HOLIDAY ON THURSDAY! I actually cannot wait. We’re off to Bordeaux with our most dangerous friends Jo and Patrick. We do three key things with them; eat, drink and spend money. Funnily enough, Jo and Patrick consider us their most dangerous friends….and we’re off to the land of wine. What could go wrong?

I have plotted out my running route which I will hopefully squeeze in a couple of times between glasses of wine. The weather looks pretty good, and I’ve never been to Bordeaux before. We’re staying in a fancy pants hotel right in the centre, complete with hot tub on the roof. I expect Matthew and I will have to move into the shed and rent out our flat for a couple of months to recover from the financial hit, but I am going to have a bloody good time until the regret kicks in as the plane touches down on our way home.

I ran to work once this week, and ran before work on Thursday. This gets some miles into my legs before I fill them with wine. My phone has been returned to me, but I have already accepted that I cannot go back to listening to The Economist until I finish listening to Serial. This almost makes me look forward to my alarm going off at 6am tomorrow morning. (Well, not actually. But almost). I am so pleased it’s been confirmed for two more seasons.

Right, two days down, one and a half to go. Hurry up holiday!!

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