Last Fortnight in Numbers

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Never has the below been more true…


Here is a summary of the running I did whilst I was away!


14th – 5.3 miles run around Tokyo Imperial Palace

15th – 3.9 mile run around Tokyo Imperial Palace

16th – 3.9 mile run around Tokyo Imperial Palace

17th – 5 miles on treadmill

18th – 5.5 mile run along the river and Imperial Palace in Kyoto

19th – rest

20th – 4.25 mile run along the river in Kyoto

21st – rest

22nd – 6.2 miles on treadmill

23rd – rest

24th – 3.8 miles in Nara Parl

25th – 6.2 miles on treadmill

26th – 3.7 miles on treadmill


So my total mileage was…

47.75 miles!


I am pretty pleased with this. They were all junk miles, but helped to burn off some calories (this would equate to some 4850 calories in total), plus I saw some bits of the various cities that I wouldn’t otherwise have seen.

I now have a half marathon a week on Sunday which I am absolutely unprepared for. I think the mornings are more likely to be good for running this week, as I battle my jet lag. I am already considering leaving my bike at work tonight to stumble onto the train home (already feeling exhausted) and then running to work tomorrow. We’ll see how this week pans out.

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