Foodie Penpal – September

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Run Every Day – Day 1

Well, yesterday was the first day of my Run Every Day challenge. Now I cannot say this strongly enough: I do not intend to run my standard distance every day. Some days it will just be a mile. However, I had already planned to run home yesterday, so that’s what I did.

In the mornings, I am pretty much tied to my most direct route. I suppose I could get up a bit earlier. Yeah….we’ll call that plan b.

In the evenings though, I have more time to play with. My direct route bores the socks off me, as it’s also the way I cycle. So it’s good to use the evening run to mix things up a bit. Plus, if I am heading in the right direction (always a plus), I can always  bail onto public transport, which get increasingly quiet as my run progresses (the opposite of what happens on my run into work). So I set off without much of a plan – just heading West along the river.

Check out the high tide!


I saw a bit of the new East-West cycle track that they’re building. It looks impressive! It wasn’t properly open yet, and I believe it will be two way.


I crossed the river using Westminster Bridge as I couldn’t face the crowds around Parliament Square.



I had forgotten how pretty this side of the Thames is.


From there I headed on towards Vauxhall (cue James Bond music as we pass MI6).


It’s at this point that I learnt something new. I thought before MI6, you were turfed out onto the road. I am almost sure you couldn’t previously walk along the front of MI6 – between the building and the river. Well, as the above photo attests, you can. Matthew agreed with me that this wasn’t what he expected. In fact, the Thames Path continued quite a long way further before it became a road run.



All good things must come to an end though, and eventually it was road time. There are much nicer routes home from this point, but I just needed something different. Also, by this point, it was getting pretty dark, so the roads were definitely safer.


In the end, I ran 10 miles. Not a bad effort.


Evenings are getting notably darker now, and this year I want to properly address my visibility in the dark, perhaps with some lights and/or a running high-vis. SHOPPING TIME!

Foodie Penpals – September

September was a GREAT month for having a Foodie Penpal. I received my food from Amy who is also based in the UK. I told her that the best think I can receive from my penpals are “healthy” (ish) snacks, that can be eaten after running into work, or as a mid-afternoon snack. Well, she did not let me down!


Er, yes – that is a gin & slimline tonic.


Best penpal ever! It took all I had not to open that immediately. It was Monday night (after 14 solid days of drinking in Japan) after all. It is in the fridge though, in case of an emergency. Most likely, it will be consumed in Hyde Park immediately after my half marathon on the 11th. Classy.

The Choccy Yoggy did not fare so well.


I went to bed before Matthew, and he assures me he didn’t eat more after dinner. Well, one way or another, it was almost all gone the following morning. It was delicious.

There were three snack bars. I ate this Paleo bar as a 4pm snack at my desk. It was delicious; my first thought was “oooh, I can taste coconut”. Should have read the label. But the point is, it tasted of coconut which is GOOD.


I ate this ahead of my run home yesterday (as described above). I figured with the words “energy bar” in, it might be worth a whirl.


The final bar is a Gingerbread Nakd bar – a new flavour to me (of this bar….not generally).



I am well aware that these bars contain lots of (albeit natural) sugar – especially since most have dates as their core ingredient. I wouldn’t pig away on them thinking they were wholly good for me, but I do really like the fact they’re only made of fruit/nuts/oats. I worry that I often have no idea what I am eating when I buy prepared food, including the various energy bars, so the “five simple ingredients” type of thing does appeal to me.

I like snack bars to occasionally pick me up late afternoon, to have instead of breakfast if I am on the move, or before or after a long run. So these were very gratefully received.

I didn’t get a change to try this yet, but again, it will probably be a pre-run snack – maybe at the weekend.


Finally – the Fruit Cocktail.


This is seriously sugary, and I am wondering if it might be a good thing to munch on during a very long run or the half marathon I have coming up, instead of gels or jelly babies. I might give it a go this weekend and see how I fare. I am not a fan of gels as I hate the texture – but they really do get the job done. I can’t always handle solids when I am running, in particular at race pace, but for long easy runs – like the one I have in mind for Sunday – I am happy to stop to eat something for a minute before pushing on. I’ll let you know how this goes!

So another GREAT foodie package. I really love getting things that are ready to eat, and give me something interesting and new to incorporate into my running routine. Ultimately, I love eating. People sending me food is only a good thing.

I’m actually at home this weekend, to try my Lithuanian coffee from last month. I also still have a Turkish coffee to try from earlier in the summer. Oooh, maybe with my Nakd bar.

I ♥ Foodie Penpals.

The End.





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