Fresh Start – Day One!

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Hurrah – I made it!

On Sunday evening, the only thing that comforted me through the bleak “too much food and drink, not enough exercise fat fat fat” dark mood (textbook) was the plan to do LOTS of exercise (and sensible eating/minimal drinking) for the week ahead. I was really determined I wouldn’t give up halfway through and make a beeline for a train station, as so often happens.

I had a new edition of The Economist downloaded. The alarm was set for 6am, and I somehow managed to sleep pretty well. Sundays often see me tossing and turning for ages, but despite some crazy dreams (I think a product of watching Flatliners on Sunday evening), I woke pretty refreshed.

Balancing things out, it was raining and I didn’t really fancy running at all.

I duly head out, running my usual route to the office. There were a couple of Economist articles I got nicely distracted by – about German Eurosceptics, policing policy in New York and African Immigration into the US. There was a long article about the future of former industrial cities in the US Midwest that I kind of didn’t take in. I got the premise, but I struggle with these “insight” articles when they’re not on a topic I’m interested in (i.e. keen to argue about, so enjoy hearing the key points nicely presented).

Anyway, I switched to music at 6.5 miles when my route becomes uphill for about a mile and I felt like I was flagging. I’d decided not to eat breakfast before I set off, as normally after a greedy weekend I find myself pretty well fueled. Today though I was hungry by mile four and it really affected me for the final two miles. I think when I run in other days this week, I will have breakfast beforehand (even though it then can lead to a long hungry morning).

It was a run of two halves; pretty bad lower calf and hip pain for the first four miles; extreme hunger for the second four. I did at one point (mentally) stop to assess the situation, asking myself “if you hate this, what are the chances it’s your key to success?”. The answer at mile six was that I didn’t actually hate it. It was perfectly manageable and it’s a mental issue for me. I panic and worry I won’t be able to keep going (let alone do this twice more this week), and if I just focus on the feeling of my body at that moment in time (imagining I am on a treadmill), I suddenly feel a lot better.

And so, I made it.


My poor bike was abandoned at work all weekend, so I cycled that home. This made it quite an exercise heavy day for me, which is precisely what I needed.

I had a healthy eating day too: Belvita biscuits for breakfast, an M&S “Fuller For Longer” salad and some grilled squid rings for lunch, some fruit salad for a snack, and gammon steak, squash and green beans for dinner. I am a little concerned by the hip pain, as it hurt on Friday after the J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge.and during yesterday it hurt to walk. I put in some decent foam roller time last night, iced it and did some stretches.

Roll on day two!

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