Fresh Start – Days Three and Four

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Hello, and happy Friday! Here’s how the rest of my “Fresh Start” week has gone.


Day Three – Wednesday

I was concerned on Tuesday that my hip wasn’t really feeling much better, and on Wednesday I admitted defeat. It was really painful just to walk, so there was no way I could run to work. Fortunately my motivation to run to work – meeting a friend from dinner – wasn’t actually a blocker to me cycling, so I did that instead.

Added to the hip pain, the strength exercises I did left me in so much pain! This eventually left me struggling to know whether my hip still hurt, as everything ached.

For breakfast, I had my Belvita biscuits. I had lunch with colleagues; a curry, but I managed to avoid the carbs and creamy dishes. My friend and I had sushi dinner which was EPIC.


We had a few glasses of wine and I had a few more back home with Matthew. It definitely wasn’t my healthiest eating day, but I managed to go for curry without the wheels falling off (poppadoms, beer, naan, rice, descending into general greed all afternoon), and in all I think I cycled a little over two hours which helps.


Day Four – Thursday

Thursday was always set to be a cycling day. Great news – I have been allocated a bike parking space in our secure office bike store. Hurrah! This means I can leave my bike overnight if I want, and makes a combined running/cycling commute possible. It is like a rabbit warren in the basement of our building. First I use a car life (CRAZINESS) to get to the basement. I leave my bike, and my some miracle, I then managed to find the lift. I kind of wish I had left a trail of breadcrumbs to find my way back to my bike though….

I had Belvita biscuits for breakfast, and then saag paneer for lunch.For dinner, I made a warm chorizo salad, which we mopped up with a crusty roll each. We had some fruit and low fat creme fraiche left over from the weekend, so that made for a pretty simple pudding. This was a healthier day, which is good ahead of the weekend.

My hip feels a lot better so I am hoping I can run to work on Friday. We’re heading straight to my sister’s from work, so cycling isn’t an option. This was another reason I sacrificed the run on Wednesday; I could cycle that day, whereas at the weekend it’s run or do no exercise. I figured I could afford to give my hip a bit more time to heal.

Fingers crossed it doesn’t get worse tomorrow.

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