Fresh Starts

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Okay, so there are only so many “fresh beginnings” one can have….but seriously, I mean it this time. Last week was terrible. Too much work, too much switching offices, (too much prioritising fun plans with fun people), and NO BLOODY EXERCISE. Poor me.

Well, this week really will (should) be different. Here’s what my week looks like.


Monday – with my bike abandoned at work, I will run in. That’s 8 miles. I’ll cycle home as I’m in a different office on Tuesday (see the logistics of it all).

Tuesday – I’ll cycle on Tuesday, lugging laptop to my other office. I can also take in extra things (clothes etc.) to facilitate a non-cycling day on Wednesday.

Wednesday – I am seeing a friend for dinner (sushi, FUCK YEAH!) so I will run in. This should be 7.5 miles.

Thursday – I will cycle in, to facilitate Friday.

Friday – I am heading down to my sister and brother-in-law’s on Friday evening for her 30th birthday. Fortunately, Matthew is like a cart horse, so I can load him up with our luggage and I’ll be free to run into work. 7.5 miles.


So this should get me to 23 miles during the week. We have a busy weekend afterwards, so I really need to get the miles in before that. I should obviously be doing strength work too. I think on all non-running days I am going to try to do three key exercises. I’ll write more on that later!!

Wish me luck, as I really need to get back on track. Not only will my clothes not fit me if I don’t, but I will also feel miserable and we don’t want that, do we?

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