Fun in Edinburgh

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Good morning! How was your weekend? Mine was fantastic! I was up in Edinburgh for a university friends reunion. Even though we don’t live that close to each other (South East, North West and Scotland) – and we all have busy with jobs/children/life, we try to make the effort to see each other two or three times a year. This trip has been in the diary for some time and it did not disappoint!

I have Friday off work, so started my day with a run. Well, actually it started with coffee in bed…naturally. I just ran 4.5 miles locally, as I didn’t want to lose track of time.


A quick shower and some frantic packing followed, and I was on my way. En route, I spotted some novelty Christmas hats and bought us each a different one. I knew they would come in useful at some point during the weekend…



I was staying in a hotel very near my friend Louise’s flat, which is in a great part of town! We checked in, tidied ourselves up, and headed out for dinner. We went to The Printing Press, which is a fairly new hotel. The food was fantastic, and I had venison tartare for starter (for the second night running – what are the chances?) and then steak for my main.



Charlotte was wise enough to upgrade to the truffle chips. Seriously, they were beyond amazing. Does anywhere in London serve these?


For pudding, the three girls (all brunette) had chocolate pots, and I had a steamed marmalade pudding. How fitting. 


The chocolate pots came with a layer of pouring cream on top, which was a bit rich for us all. I was very happy with my choice!


We had a few more drinks before heading back out into the rain to get a good night’s sleep. 


Bright and early on Saturday morning – well, at 9.30am which is quite early enough for me thank you very much – I got up and headed out for a run. Miraculously, it wasn’t raining (seriously, it poured most the weekend; but one does not go to Scotland in November for the weather) but it was chilly, so I deployed my sleeves (and gloves after I had taken this photo). I love sleeves, as they stop my body getting too warm, which is always an issue with long-sleeved tops, and they give you the flexibility to take them off mid-run. 


I ran 4 miles as I didn’t have ages to mess around, and the run I chose wasn’t great for increasing my distance. I went to Inverleith Park, which was about half a mile from my hotel.


It wasn’t huge – only about 2.5km circumference, so I ran on some roads as well to make up the distance. In honesty, I wasn’t really able to get going properly, as there just wasn’t the distance. I didn’t have to stop to look at a map at all though which is always a plus. 

On the way to the park, I spotted an Italian cafe – so my reward was obvious. Delicious Italian coffee and breakfast.



Honestly – you imagine running being a “throw on some shoes and head out to explore” kind of activity. In reality, about 50% of my luggage was running gear. Sigh. I mean seriously – sunglasses???? What was I thinking?


I met up with the girls, and we headed for lunch at The Edinburgh Larder. This cafe sells local produce, and lunch was great. I had a cheese, ham and chutney sandwich and the bread was so lovely and fresh, and the side salads interesting and beautifully dressed.


All washed down with a locally-brewed beer. 



We then headed to the pub for a little more courage-in-a-glass, as our next stop was…..ESCAPE HOUR!

(**Don’t worry – there are no spoilers**)


This is a team game, where you are in a room and have an hour to solve a mystery or a puzzle. These games are popping up all over the place, but this is the first one I have tried. In honesty, I was a bit skeptical, thinking it might be too difficult and frustrating. It was amazing!!! I have been recommending it to all my colleagues today (fairly pointless, since it’s 400 miles away). The game is called Major Plott’s Revenge, and requires you to enter the office of an evil spymaster and escape with his secret dossier. I won’t say more, but we managed to complete the task in 58 minutes. Talk about cutting it fine! Needless to say, there was lots of shrieked encouragement towards the end.


Even better, when we arrived, the organisers told us the people before us had brought a bottle of Prosecco with them. Erm….! (You have never seen me move to a corner shop so quickly). 



After we’d finished the organisers took some photos of us. All inhibitions lost, the Christmas hats came out. Oh yeah!


But something was missing….hmmmm….what could it be?

Oh yes; gas masks! (Props from the game).



We were buzzing off our spy success, and headed for a celebratory cocktail. Espresso martini – the day just kept on getting better!



We then headed for ice cream, at a place that someone had recommended to Charlotte. I had pumpkin spice and salted caramel. DELICIOUS!


We had (rightly) predicted that a day of drinking fun might leave us a little tired, so we headed back to Louise’s flat for a quiet takeaway, and to watch some trashy television. We Face Timed our friend who now lives in Texas. She looks like she’s having great fun, but we all really miss her 🙁 We were also quite jealous of the bright blue skies we could see behind her. 

Alas, weekend over. Sunday was the boring old journey home. Fortunately, Matthew had cooked roast pork so we had a nice relaxed evening watching House of Cards. 


Pile On The Miles – Week 3

My goal for this week is 25 miles. This will leave me 28 miles to do in the final week, so it would be great if I could do more than this. We will see how the week goes! 

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