The UK General Election Run

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Since I ran past Buckingham Palace and Kensington Palace the day after Princess Charlotte was born, I thought with today being the UK general election, I would run past Westminster and the Houses of Parliament. Always at the centre of things – that’s me!

This only adds a mile onto my run home from my London office, and is far nicer than running the most direct route along the main road anyway.

First off, a pre-run snack. I had wanted to buy a Clif Bar, but completely ran out of time to get to a running shop, and had to take whatever the supermarket had. This Trek Bar wasn’t bad at all.



My office is right by St. Paul’s Cathedral, and not from The Thames. This means I can get straight to running, without hitting too many crowds.



I can run over half the way following the Thames.



It gets really busy down by Westminster – and this was especially true today with the general election!


I hate antisocial runners charging along busy pavements, so take it slowly and wait if necessary. Even though this bit takes a while, it’s only about a quarter of a mile of my run so it’s no big deal if I have to walk. I can pick on the pace later.


There was no shortage of press hanging out. Hmmm, I saw a lot of press on Sunday too. I wonder if they’re actually following me…..



Then it quietens down again as I head west, through Battersea…




…and then I leave the river and head across Clapham Common






My right calf is feeling a bit tight, so I gave it some attention with The Stick and my Therapearl ice pack.






Have you run past anything interesting recently?

Did you vote today?

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