Half Marathon – To Taper or Not To Taper?

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Good morning!

Well, it’s now only three days until the Royal Parks Half Marathon in London. Bring. It. On.

I had planned to run to work this morning, but opted just to do the single mile needed for the Run Every Day challenge. I don’t normally taper before a half marathon because I am not a proper runner with proper goals and strategies. I just like to run a race from time to time to keep my distance up, and make me feel like a runner. Even though I am not a proper one.

Races just get swept into my usual running routine.


There are a few things however that I do differently before a race.

I get an early night. Matthew is off out with our friends on Saturday night, but boring old me will be tucked up in bed by 9pm in the hope of getting close to eight hours’ sleep. At least I’ll have this crazy cat for company.

2015-08-14 22.15.00


I don’t drink alcohol. This is a rare occurrence for a Saturday night and almost enough to put me off living racingBooze definitely stops me from sleeping, leaves me dehydrated and saps any enjoyment from the run. (Please don’t tell lovely wine that I said these mean things about it). I more than make up for this dry day after the race though. 

2015-08-14 22.15.30


I eat extra carbs the night before. I know; what a hero. Well come on, there had to be something positive or what the hell’s the point?

2015-08-07 10.12.30


But taper? Not normally. The whole point of racing it to run more, not less. However. I have been doing more miles recently, and I definitely don’t want to injure myself.

So for once, I am doing a proper runner thing and tapering. Don’t worry; I will be back to running “junk miles” with little concern for improvement or injury next week. 

Run Every Day – Day 7

Of course I cannot totally ditch running as I have challenged myself to run at least a mile every day in October. So here is yesterday’s effort; one solitary mile. To be clear, this absolutely counts as a taper to me. 



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