Hannah’s Naughty vs. Nice List

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Happy Friday! I am so excited about this weekend, but more about that later.

Father Christmas feels it’s important to keep a list of who’s naughty and who’s nice. If it’s good enough for the big guy, it’s good enough for me.



  • My phone, which refused to play music through my Bluetooth headphones yesterday morning. After five minutes of trying, to the amusement of some builders next door as cheesy music kept blasting from my phone speaker, I gave up and ran in angry silence.
  • The man who beat me to the work showers yesterday morning. He was there first, fair and square, but he interrupted my routine. Outrageous.
  • Roadworks, which meant I had to run a really long way around a junction, and then wait ages to cross at the lights.
  • My cold. Enough now, I want to feel better.



  • My new running shoes (Brooks Ghost 7). So far they have been comfortable and a pleasure to run in.
  • My calf. I ran four miles yesterday morning without pain.
  • Coffee. Always.
  • Fun weekend plans. We’re visiting three sets of friends up in Manchester this weekend. Food, coffee, running, wine. Not necessarily in that order.
  • My strength exercises. I hate doing them, but there is a visible improvement in my arms and core.
  • Time off work. Next week I have the day off on Monday, as it’s Matthew’s birthday. Then on Thursday afternoon we’re going to France on holiday. Two-and-a-half-day-working-week? YES PLEASE.
  • My washing line/the sunshine. Clothes smell great when they’re dried outdoors, plus it’s super quick and environmentally friendly.


Who’s on your nice list?

More importantly, who’s on your naughty list?

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