Happy Back To The Future Day!

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Well, it’s the 21st October 2015. Back to the Future Day!



Any excuse for fun around here:

Full fridge? Check! (Note my emergency G&T in a can, from last month’s Foodie Penpal! Will it survive the night??).



Booze? Check!



The films? Check!


(These were borrowed from my brother-in-law some time ago; hopefully he doesn’t read this).


Hoverboard? Che-

Oh no, that’s one thing they got wrong. Booo.


It looks like we’re all set. In case you’re wondering just how much two people and one cat can eat/drink, the answer is lots. BUT on this occasion, we have also invited people round.

As an amazing addition, my friend who lives up in Manchester was so jealous of our party (her words), that she last-minute booked a train down to London to stay! She arrived last night, and is working from their London office right now. In fairness, this is mostly because the LOVES Back To The Future, but I like to think it’s because the loves me a little bit too. 

Since other guests include Mr & Mrs Dangerous, I have preemptively taken tomorrow as a day of annual leave. I don’t expect to regret this. It will more coffee than running I expect….

On which note, my cold is loads better so I expect to be back to running tomorrow! Although this is likely to be a very slow run round the block, sunglasses clamped to face, water bottle clutched in sweaty hand. 

I’ll be back later this week to tell you just how painful running can be. 


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