Happy Halloween!

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Halloween isn’t something we traditionally celebrate here in the UK, but tradition can knob off. It’s Halloween and I am delighted. Not least because this involves FANCY DRESS! I won’t spoil the surprise, but stay tuned on Twitter/Instagram for my costume update. Here’s a hint of how excited you should be: my costume requires batteries. 

Oh yes. 

But first up, time for a run. The day will no doubt deteriorate savagely from here, so let’s start off on a healthy note. I really feel like I need a new run. Today’s not the day to catch a train somewhere to explore sadly, given that we’ve got to be out the house early afternoon. So a boring old lap of Tooting Common had to suffice. 

This somehow, entirely accidentally, became something of a tempo run. I did 4.5 miles with splits of 8:09, 8:10, 8:00, 7:49, 7:21. VERY happy halloween 🙂



We have a busy day ahead of us, as we’re heading out of town to catch up with a group of friends known as “the gang” – hosted by two who have a lovely house in rural Surrey. Proper grown ups. 

And of course, being the 31st October, we’ll be celebrating “Gangoween”. 

The itinerary, as proposed by our hosts, starts innocently enough with pumpkin carving, spooky music and fancy dress. There will be four children there, ranging from toddler to (almost) teenager, so I’m bound to find someone on my Halloween wavelength. My current best guess is the three year old.

Next up, dinner for the kiddos, and a spot of trick or treating. Our hosts have warned us we can’t have more adults than children for this activity, so I am going to have to make an infant ally early on. I think when they see my outfit, they will notice just how cool I am and want to hang out with me.

Soon after this, the kids get air lifted to safety, and adult celebration start. Food, wine and gin will no doubt figure heavily. 

Other agenda items include:

William Shatner’s spoken word on a loop. One of our hosts has a penchant for this, which manifests itself most when he’s drunk. Seriously, if you don’t know it, you’re missing out….

(Oh, the horror of it)


…..loud arguments in which one friend uses the worst words loudly at/about various people he knows (and in many cases loves). This is definitely the right time to challenge his political views and see how he reacts.


….various forms of fire, hopefully all contained to the stove and fireplace.

…..singing musical theatre loudly (if you’re one of the core gang, which Matthew is – they met doing amateur musical theatre at university) or departing to another room to turn up William Shatner as high as it will go if you’re technically a “ganger-on” (which, having married into the group, I am). 

….a misguided decision that we should stay up until it gets light (almost always suggested by me)

….more whisky.

….”bed” (may or may not actually involve a bed)



This is like a decent warm up event for “Gangmas” (our Christmas get together), but with fancy dress. What’s not to love? Ah yes. The hangover tomorrow. Oh well; it’s nothing that a brisk run, whilst listening to William Shatner, can’t fix.




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