Holiday Time!!!!

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Good morning – and sorry for the radio silence this week. Work has been INSANE requiring some very long hours. Every hour not spent working or sleeping has been sent washing clothes and packing because….

IT’S HOLIDAY TIME!! Well, we leave tomorrow. But there is champagne and steak in the fridge at home, so we can start early. We’re going to Japan for two weeks of sushi and fun. This trip has been a long time in the making – notionally our honeymoon, and we got married last December – and finally it’s here.

But there is still Friday to get through first. It started well, with a run to work. This week has been as poor for running as it has been for blogging, but ironically this made for a great run this morning. I felt perky and the ground moved easily beneath me. A rarity. It’s amazing what some time off can do.



I normally avoid having second breakfast after I run, but I let myself today. I’m in a bubbly pre-holiday mood, and there’s no escaping it. Even then, I just got the “healthy” porridge from Pret; the one with quinoa and various other grains. Worse things have happened (and indeed no doubt will happen during this holiday).


My bike is already here at the office, so I will cycle home tonight. I want to run tomorrow morning as well, before our flight. 18 hours on a plane sounds torturous to me, so expending plenty of energy in advance is a wise move.

I’ve been researching my first run of the holiday, on Monday morning, and it looks good! Our hotel is a stone’s throw from Tokyo’s Imperial Palace, which seems to be one of the best jogging routes in the city. Bonus! The weather in parts of Japan has been newsworthy this week, and a lot of rain is forecast whilst we’re there. This is such a different climate than I have ever been to before, I have no idea if it will just pour all day, or if it will be sunny with bursts of tropical-style rain. I opted to buy myself some Geography-teacher-style walking shoes, just in case. We’ll be pounding the pavement so it is probably a wise move. I just hope I get to wear the prettier clothes some days.

I think my work has appreciated me wearing these in, with my suit dress each day.


Now – hurry up Friday, Saturday* is waiting for me!!

(*Saturday will actually be shit, as will Sunday. Monday is when the fun truly begins).

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