Wimbledon Time and Hydration Woes

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Good morning! After a disastrous and eventually aborted run on Thursday, I decided I needed to prove to myself I could go the distance so attempted the same route again on Monday evening.

The run takes me along the Thames, round Richmond Park, across Wimbledon Common, and then along the roads for the final three miles home. On Thursday, I flaked out by the time I reached Wimbledon, at mile 7.5, but on Monday I managed to run the whole 11 miles. Hurrah!

It was a great evening to run through Wimbledon, as the tennis started that day.


The village was full of purple and green bunting and flags, and coupled with this amazing weather we’ve been having in London, the bars were packed out. It slowed me down for perhaps 1/4 mile, but it was a great atmosphere. What’s more, I didn’t really have the option of pussying out and getting the train from Wimbledon, as I had done the week before, as the station was rammed with people leaving the tennis. Still, I actually felt okay to push on, although the final miles were tough.



Again I began to feel really nauseous, although thankfully this time only in the final two miles and I didn’t have any dizziness. I also didn’t feel too hot or like I couldn’t breathe like last time. I just felt really full of water and this made me want to throw up. This feeling carried on into the evening, although it didn’t put me off eating – but neither did I feel better when I ate.

Am I getting my hydration wrong? If so, I have no idea if I am in fact over-hydrated (I wasn’t using an electrolyte drink) or under-hydrated. To me it seems unlikely I am consuming too much water, as this tends to affect people running marathon distance. Last night’s run took 1:38 so this doesn’t seem like long enough to sweat so much as to end up with any sort of imbalance in my body. I know water intoxication is very serious, but surely I’m not in that territory.

However, I cannot envisage that I was under-hydrated. I drank 2.5 litres (about 70oz) of water during the day (on top of any cups of tea and coffee) so presumably started out well hydrated. I was carrying my CamelBak and would estimate I drank about 1 litre whilst I was running. Does this sound like too much? Not enough? For shorter runs I use a small hand-held bottle which only holds 330ml of water, and I almost never drink more than half of this even on an nine or ten mile run (the longest I use it for). So I suppose this was a radical increase in the amount of water I ingest. I also don’t think I sweated a huge deal yesterday. A fair amount yes, but it wasn’t pouring off me at any point.

Without knowing what I am doing wrong, it is very hard to know how to make it better. I want to do another longer run this week, but don’t want to keep on feeling sick afterwards. I might try using an electrolyte drink for my next longer run to see if this helps. This has only come on with the warmer weather, so hopefully when it cools down again I will feel better.

Do you have any wise advise for me?

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