I love iced coffee

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Yesterday was a non-running day, so I cycled to work.



(Man, we need to tidy up the garden).


Anyway, Here at Will Run For Coffee, we have always loved a nice strong coffee and last summer I discovered the joy of the iced latte. For some reason I thought cold coffee would be gross.

I was so very wrong.

With minimal skimmed milk, sugar-free syrup and plenty of ice it’s reasonably healthy and yet absolutely delicious. Lovely milky icy hint of caramel yummy….hold on, I’ll be right back….

Iced coffee!


Ah, that’s better. Where was I?

That’s right – I LOVE iced coffee. So the next step was figuring out how to recreate this beauty at home. It turns out with my trusty Nespresso machine, it was easy peasy!

Breakfast, run, shower, iced coffee, relax. That’s how every morning weekend mornings should be.

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