My Ideal Exercise Week

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As I mentioned yesterday, I am keen to develop and stick to a more diverse exercise plan. At the moment I routinely run and cycle, but my running incorporates far too many “junk” miles for me to really see any improvement. Fair, I mostly run to keep my weight in check, but I would like to get stronger and faster. Running 7 miles three times a week isn’t going to achieve that.

So, here are the ingredients of my ideal exercise week.

1 x long run of 10+ miles. These miles can be as easy as necessary to ensure I do them. I’ll be able to fit this in either running home from work a longer route, or at weekends.

1 x mid-length run ~7 miles. This is primarily to burn calories. Goal mile pace – 8.15.

1 x speed session. This should be either 3-4 miles tempo run (goal mile pace – 7:40) or 6 x 200m sprints with 400m recovery (interval goal mile pace – 6:50).

2 x strength sessions. I write this in the heady heights of my new relationship with deck of cards. I am sure I will soon learn to hate that and this will seem an absurd goal.

Of course I will keep on cycling, as this is my primary way of getting to and from work. This might just be too much, but I am keen to see if I improve by sticking to it for a few weeks. I’ll check back in and let you know how it’s going!


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