Intervals and Shaun The Sheep in Bristol

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Hello from Bristol! We’re here visiting Matthew’s family, where the amount of fun we have is always visible in the amount of weight we gain; lots.

We got the fun started on the train down…


….and cracked out the fruit strips in my Food Penpal package. I’m not a fan of cherry, but Matthew LOVES it, so they found a home.


We arrived and immediately found a use for the some Lithuanian crisp breads; put cheese on them! Nothing says “welcome” like cheese and wine. These biscuits taste a little bit like malt loaf, but are incredibly crispy. Very good indeed!!



Saturday morning was intervals, and I dragged Matthew along with me. I converted my watch into kilometres for distance, since this is how the intervals were programmed, but kept the pace in miles. Strange I know, but my judgement of my pace will always be in miles. I’m okay with this.



We did 0.75km warm up, and then 6 x 200m sprints with 400m recovery. This took us to a total of 4.48km, but as we know, this is about speed, not distance.

Here’s our pace (in miles) for our 200m sprints.

Lap 1 –  5:51

Lap 2 – 6.14

Lap 3 – 5:57

Lap 4 – 6:18

Lap 5 – 6:08

Lap 6 – 5.59

Matthew runs A LOT faster than me, which is good as it pushes me along. Our recovery pace was slow. Like really really slow. Buy again; it’s all about the intervals.

It was a lovely sunny day, so we set off in search of Shaun The Sheeps! This is something I am not really exposed to in my selfish childless existence, but two years ago Bristol was full of Gromits (the dog from The Wrong Trousers). They all have different designs, and there are perhaps 70 dotted around. There were maps showing where they were, and children everywhere drag their parents round to find them all, ticking them off as they go.

This year, it is Shaun The Sheeps, also from The Wrong Trousers. Matthew’s nephews had done some 30-40 already, and we headed into Clifton – a lovely part of Bristol – to tick off some more.

Our first stop was the Observatory….


….which gave us a great view of Clifton’s most famous structure, the Clifton Suspension Bridge. Not great for people who don’t like heights.



We found our first Shaun!



There was one the other side of the suspension bridge, which was beyond Matthew’s capabilities (not good with heights), so we headed off to find pretentious food for a barbecue that evening. If Matthew is involved, it will involve a local artisanal supplier (and ££££). I have made my peace with this.



It was actually run by a South African, and there were various types of Biltong out to taste. Well, that marketing approach worked well for them, as we bought loads of it. YUM!


After some lunch, we found another Shaun



The barbecue was lovely – too much eating, not enough (any) photos. Everyone was asleep on sofas by about 9.30pm after a day of walking and fresh air, and an evening of food and a few glasses of wine. And now it’s Sunday, and it’s long run day. Yikes. I have started my day with coffee – it’s bean to cup over here. AMAZING! From the look of the huge piece of beef out on the side, I think I will be rewarded for my efforts with a pretty hearty roast.

But first, maybe one more cup of my preferred kind of roast.


Cross your fingers for me with the long run!!

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