Just call me an April fool…

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I didn’t do Dry January this year. February and March were full of fun plans with fun people, all centred around eating and drinking. FUN.

This has been fine by me. I like to have fun (well, by definition), and eating and drinking are two of my favourite pass times.

Despite running 114 miles in March (BOOM!), my weight has been creeeping up. My favourite GAP jeans, once a perfect fit, quite simply do not do up any more. I’ve had the odd Sunday where I haven’t left the flat, as I waste the day watching crap on TV as Saturday night’s fun has left me a little worse for wear.

I am always one for extreme measures in either direction, but that’s not my goal for April. Moderation, leaning towards good behaviour – that’s my goal.

I’m not giving up wine; I just would like to drink less of it. I’m not going to set the alarm for 7am on Sunday mornings, but I would like to be able to leave the house at some point during the day. I’m not looking to achieve a certain weight figure, but by God, those fucking GAP jeans will go over my fat arse.

So I embark upon….

Green Shit



  • I will drink less booze overall in the month of April
  • I will drink less booze on a single night; no saving it all up for a two-bottler each week
  • I will opt for less calorific/headache-inducing drinks, like gin and slim rather than gallons of red wine
  • I will run every Sunday; if I’m unable to run, I’ve overdone it the night before = fail.
  • I will incorporate weight/strength training of some sort
  • I will partake in group running of some sort (Park Run, a running club etc.)
  • I will do at least one trail run, which may involve driving outside of London or running with a club
  • I will make healthier food choices when eating out – avoid dessert and bread baskets, stop when I am full, etc.
  • I will try to eat healthily when I am at home, and only when I am hungry.
  • I won’t eat “nibbles” (scoffs, more like) before dinner – no crisps, no peanuts.
  • I will try to incorporate healthier activities into my social life – walking, playing frisbee on the common, running club etc.
  • I will expand my interests in non food-and-drink related activities – museums, and….okay, I’ve got nothing. Room for improvement.


This might all sound very soft, but that’s the point. I don’t want to rule out anything – I think I just need to slightly shift my view of “normal”. The GAP jeans and Sunday running each represent a very good way to measure my progress.

I’ll write more about each of my individual flaws during the month, as well as my progress/catastrophic failures.

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