Kamakura – Day 3

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Well today started and ended in Tokyo, but the highlight was to be found elsewhere.

But first, my lap of the Imperial Palace. This one’s getting a *bit* tired now. I’m also aware I have a half marathon on 11th October. Yikes. We should be a little less rushed in the mornings in Kyoto allowing for a longer run. Hopefully.

Today’s prompt start wasn’t fish motivated. I know; disappointing.

Instead we were headed to Kamakura Yabusame ; a horseback archery festival my friends.

We decided to start our experience by missing our train. They reuse platform numbers at Tokyo station. We were on platform 1 for the Chou-Suba line when we wanted platform 1 of the Yokosuka line. Someone should let the station managers in on a secret; there are lots of numbers. LOADS. Fortunately we overcame this sabotage and caught a slightly-later-than-planned train. Plus, most around us won’t have understood my bad languages.

Breakfast on the move.


cheese thing

I hadn’t noticed this cake had a picture of a block of cheese on. And “cheddar cheese” written all over it. It was kind of sweet but tasted of cheese. I *think* I liked it. Maybe I hated it. Who can say?

We arrived to Kamakura at midday, in time to get a semi-decent viewing spot. Then we waited an hour, whilst Matthew talked of buying me food and beer afterwards. Whilst no one enjoys standing in crowds, I hate it enough that almost nothing is worth it.

Matthew IS worth it though and he had been looking forward to this for some time. So I manned up.

Fortunately I was wearing my new geography teacher shoes.

comfy shoes

Once the event “started” at 1pm, we waited another 40 minutes whilst various robed people and horses dicked around (my interpretation; I’ve never been one for ceremony).


Then finally….archery time.

If I learned one thing today, it’s that it’s bloody hard to take photos of a fast moving horse.


Still, we all tried.


I managed this crap video. I think it gives you an idea of what was happening. Horses. Charging down track. Bows. Arrows. Targets.


Anyway, I had to stand for 3 hours. I had earned my beer and food.


Oh, and a green tea ice cream in the rain.


Hands off Pal!


Then, back to Tokyo for a quick wardrobe change then back out. We decided to explore Ginza, the area we’re staying in. This is mostly a main road with loads of high end clothing shops. Think Bond Street in London, but HUGE with lots of neon. The actual features of the area (i.e. the bars and restaurants) are on side streets.

That said, Uni Qlo was on the main street and that was of definite interest. All 11 floors of it.


This must have taken ages.


Matthew bought three t-shirts, all about Japan.


We also found a beer hall which has been there since 1934 and was very good. I drank wine.


Tomorrow is Kyoto time, involving the bullet train. Woooo!! It’s meant to pour with rain in the morning, so perhaps the treadmill will beckon. We shall see.

More tomorrow!

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