Kyoto – Day 6

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After a very early night we were ready and raring for a Saturday in Kyoto. Well, the alarm went off at 7am and we got up. We had lots to see, but first off for a run.

We headed down the Kamo River which has a great running path. The view of the mountains ahead is lovely and so different from home.


At two miles we turned around, heading home but with a quick detour round the Kyoto Imperial Palace. We didn’t really get to see much but it got an extra mile into our legs and saw something different.



Next we went to Nishiki Market for a wander and some lunch.


I hadn’t realised how many genres of Japanese food I knew and liked before we got here. Sushi, yakitori, okonomiyaki….it’s all amazing. Today was Ramen. Quick and delicious.


We then headed to Arashiyama to see the bamboo path. It was overcast only for the 20 minutes we spent there, which I think made it a bit less striking. It was also very busy, which is understandable but again stops it being so peaceful and beautiful as it might be.



We’ve noticed people queuing for sundaes and tea in Kyoto, so when we spotted a suitable venue in Arashiyama with only 10 people in the queue, we pounced.

This was SO different from a Western sundae, but so so good.



With an iced coffee. I was so so wrong about Japan; the coffee is “normal” (TM: Hannah Beauchamp), freely available and always possible “iced”.


Then back to Kyoto. Check out these markings on the steps of the Kyoto subway. I find them a bit discouraging to be honest. So bloody doomed.


This was easily what our most successful evening yet. As the earlier photo of me in the bamboo confirmed I had hit “holiday look” rock bottom. Glasses, no make up, dressed head to toe like I was on some sort of expedition. Next stop was definitely bum bag. Ugh.

GHDs to the rescue. Yes, I sound vacant, but I cannot emphasise the need to polish this turd.

We started with cocktails, whisky and live jazz…




This one is rubbish quality, but sums it up. Matthew is next to me; promise.


Then on for a kaiseki meal. We asked the hotel to reserve a table somewhere and they couldn’t. Am I alone in thinking that’s shit? Anyway we popped by at 7pm and booked for 8.30pm that night. We got a corner table on the wooden balcony overlooking the river. We’d been past this every day and there’s no doubt to me we got an amazing table.

The view from our table.

File 19-09-2015 23 35 02


Matthew got to cook again.


Today (Sunday) we’re off to Koyasan to stay in a Budest temple. Chances of WiFi; low. So I will be back on Tuesday. Expect lots of photos of me finding my inner zen….and then polishing off a load of wine safely back in Osaka.

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