Last week in numbers (and various tangents)

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Monday – rest

Tuesday – 7.7 miles @ 8:16, 3.5 miles @ 8:07

Wednesday – strength

Thursday – 13.05 miles @ 8:18

Friday – 16 miles cycle

Saturday – 6 miles @ 7:53, strength

Sunday – rest


Running total – 30.28 miles

Cycling total – 16 miles

Strength workouts – 2



So, this was a very unusual exercise week for me – but perhaps closer to what I should be doing! Here’s how it differed from my standard efforts:

  • I did two strength workouts. No one is more taken aback by this than me.
  • I ran half marathon distance
  • I did this midweek
  • I had two rest days. I would prefer to only have one, but it’s not the end of the world
  • I ran with a running club
  • I did two runs in one day
  • I did a tempo run

I am pretty chuffed with running half marathon distance, and my run on Saturday (more below) was at a decent-for-me pace. Plus – TWO BLOODY STRENGTH WORKOUTS! That is so so good for me. I will do anything to shirk strength training, even though I know – absolutely know – that it’s the key to improvement.

On Saturday, I did a six mile run that started with a pretty significant hill, but somehow managed to come out with an average pace of 7:53. I didn’t lose much speed on the hill which is good, and I got four speedy miles in after that – check it out:



Naturally, what goes up must come down, so miles 2-4 were downhill, but the 7:44 and 7:34 (!) at the end are legit me running fast (for me). I was seriously pleased with this.



It was a lovely sunny day and the commons were busy with people enjoying the weather.




It’s meant to be nice weather all weekend – except today (a bank holiday in the UK), so I naturally have opted to save my long run until now so I can do it in the driving rain.

Of course.



In other news, I had assumed my running shoes were reaching the end of their lifespan (yes, that is my sock you can see through the right shoe), but I’ve actually only done 350 miles in them. I’m not experiencing any pain, so I’ll probably wear them through May too, to get me to about 450 miles – even if my big toe on my right foot does fully penetrate the top.



Our new house guest is gradually coming out of her shell. She still defaults to “under the spare bed”but can also do:

sleeping on Matthew’s clean t-shirts (ha)


and even, on occasion, sitting on my lap!!


This makes me so happy as she’s incredibly sweet. More of this please little cat!!

Righty, time for me to hit the road for another long run (technically this is a different week – and I won’t get to do a long run next weekend). Enjoy the rest of the bank holiday (/sucks to be you in this is just a regular Monday).




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