Last week in numbers

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Monday – 15 mile cycle

Tuesday – 7.5 mile cycle

Wednesday – rest

Thursday – 4.5 mile run

Friday – 7.5 mile run

Saturday – 5.5 mile run

Sunday – 4.5 mile run


Cycling total – 22.5 miles

Running total – 21 miles


I took it pretty easy this week, as I was recovering from a cold. Lots of sleep and fluids, and not so much exercise. I was feeling almost 100% better by Thursday, so I did a bit of running in the second half of the week.

On Sunday, I ran with no pain of any sort whatsoever. This sounds like it should always be true, but it’s not. My lungs were hurting last week; my Achillies has been a niggling a little. I felt good! Long may this last. 

Hopefully more running on the agenda next week! I feel like I need a new race to sign up for a new race…something to aim for….hmmm….

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