Last Week in Numbers

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Monday – 8 mile run, 9 mile cycle

Tuesday – 16 mile cycle, strength

Wednesday – 16 mile cycle

Thursday –16 mile cycle

Friday – 7.5 mile run

Saturday – 3.3 mile run

Sunday – 3.3 mile run


Running total  – 22 miles

Cycling total – 56 miles

Strength training – one

Interval sessions – zero


Despite not having run on Wednesday, as I had planned, I am pleased with this week. I did my strength training on Tuesday and OH MY GOD did it hurt afterwards. I didn’t repeat it on Thursday, as I had wanted to, as I was worried this would actually take me out of action. I am pleased my hamstrings hurt. They need to up their game, so it’s handy to know they’re being worked.

Had my hip not interrupted things, I would have been absolutely on track. Next week I have a couple of runs into work scheduled – and then we’re off on holiday! I’m hoping to do some nice running in Bordeaux, although how this aligns with our “wine tasting” agenda, I am not so sure….

This week, I give myself a B for effort and achievement. 

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