Last Week in Numbers

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Monday – 15 mile cycle

Tuesday – 18 mile cycle + strength

Wednesday – 5 mile run

Thursday – rest

Friday – rest

Saturday – 13 mile HALF MARATHON!!

Sunday – rest


Running total  – 18 miles

Cycling total – 33 miles

Strength training – one

Interval sessions – zero


I had intended to run further during the week, but was forced to taper thanks to sore feet/shins (where the two meet) after running through the woods. This lack of a longer run left me nervous for the half marathon, but in reality, it wouldn’t have made a difference. It might have improved my confidence though!

Next week I have quite a lot on, but will hopefully fit in several shorter runs. The longer runs will need to wait until the week after, which isn’t the end of the world after the Wimbledon half marathon. It will give my legs some time to recover!



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