Lewisham Street Feast

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Following the hideous run yesterday, the rest of the day was about recovery and where better to do this than at a 30th birthday celebration at Street Feast!

If you haven’t come across it, Street Feast is a super-trendy “pop-up” food market, which uses an empty space for a number of weeks, and fills it with stalls selling food and drink. We’d only been to one which was up in Dalston. It was way too busy and was clearly run by people with more style than substance. The food was great, but as it took about 3 minutes to lovingly caress together a burrito, the queues were about 45 minutes for all but the very shittest food, which was simply too long.

The idea is you stroll round and try various things, not that you recreate a scene reminiscent of airport security in return for a single disappointing gyoza (which, incidentally, costs £6).

On the website it claims to be ” It’s the strongest concentration of street food and vibes this side of ANYWHERE”. Sigh. In general, this event is definitely aimed at people who like to go with the flow, not people (like me) who make reservations even for Pizza Express. Cooler people.

Anyway, I put on my trendiest outfit, lamented my lack of hat and Matthew’s lack of giant beard, and off we went!


This time, Street Feast was in a previously-abandoned 1950s indoor and outdoor market – Model Market – in Lewisham, south east London. The phone number here really tells you how long this market must have been closed.


We met our Most Dangerous Friends there, as it was Mr. Dangerous’s 30th birthday. In preparation, Matthew and I each took out £400 cash, figuring this would see us through a few hours. I am pleased to say this was WAY better than the previous Street Feast. Food and drink was readily on sale – with only a few minutes’ wait.

This greeted us on arrival…


….a very pleasing start.


The boys opted to drink alcohol from various hollowed out fruits



Matthew immediately disappeared and returned with chicken wings. Standard.


It soon got dark, and the music got louder. As it was so warm, it felt like being in Cuba or New Orleans (bearing in mind I have been to neither place).


Fires were lit (even though it was insanely hot anyway).


We purchased this delicious but very-hard-to-eat burger from Mother Flipper.



It was seriously messy. I was in charge of buying the beer from a place with about 50 on sale. I chose exclusively based on name.


The food stalls closed at a certain point and it felt more like an outdoor club.



I think Mr. Dangerous had a good time.


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