A Hideous Long Run for Saturday Morning

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WARNING: I have just done a long run in the midday heat and it went badly. I will use swear words.

Well, fuck that. What was meant to be lovely wholesome start to the weekend actually ended up with me shuffling around South West London, foaming at the mouth and sucking on my CamelBak as though it were my only source of oxygen.

As I mentioned last week, I am trying to escape the “junk miles” addiction of running 7.5 miles to work three times week. Instead, I want to do a longer run of 10+ miles, and an intervals/tempo run each week, as well as a couple of strength workouts. Do people still say “workout”? Probably only tossers. Incidentally, this month, Runner’s World described the top mistakes by runners and one of those is “doing every run on medium”. Well, I wouldn’t describe this one as medium.

I had planned to run 12 miles, but it became pretty obvious early on that this wasn’t going to work out. It’s a warm day in London – 29C (that’s in the mid 80s). Warm for London. Warm for me.


THERE WAS NO SHADE. I guess I could have predicted this, since it was midday but it was so painful. I just don’t like the feeling of sun on my skin even when I am lying around a pool, so when I am actually exerting myself the wheels really come off.

At mile six, I had to make the decision whether to continue with the 12 mile run, or cut it down to 10. I knew I absolutely wanted it to be in double figures, but it clearly wasn’t my day – so it 10 miles it was. Even with this reduced mileage, it was tough. The sun was bearing down on me, I was both thirsty and felt sick from drinking water (how do I win?).

On top of that, it was so hilly.


I very very slowly made my way home, stopping in the small bits of shade I could find. One thing which did go my way: Google maps gave me audio directions home and played nicely with Spotify. Not having to check the directions every two minutes definitely helped.

Here are my mistakes:

  1. I didn’t give the weather forecast due respect. It said it would be hot. Guess what….it bloody was. I should have factored in the long run earlier in the week.
  2. I left my long run until the middle of the day. I should have had set the alarm and hit the road at 7am. No kidding.

Anyway, here’s what the watch says. It actually took way longer than 1hr27 if you include the time spent leaning against walls, gasping for air. WAY longer.



I am still recovering.


Have you got a long run planned for this weekend? (My advice – don’t bother).



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