Matthew’s Birthday

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Monday was Matthew’s birthday, so we took the day off to have a DAY OF FUN.

(In somewhat-related news, I did no exercise on Monday or Tuesday of this week. Bad times).

First the birthday boy opened his main present, which was a paella dish. Fair to say, he was very pleased. Even better, I expect he will cook me paella in it. I win!


Then we headed into town and went for a late breakfast at The Wolseley – THE place to get your London breakfast.



We’ve been talking about going there for five years, so came armed with high expectations. Fortunately, it absolutely nailed it. The food was great, the service was great. It sure beat a Monday morning at work.



The guy on the table next to us was celebrating his birthday too, and his companion had arranged for him to receive a special “happy birthday” chocolate on his hot chocolate. Pretty selfish really, making me look bad like that.

After breakfast, we headed down to the London Eye pier.



We caught the boat along to Greenwich. It was one of the river buses, so there wasn’t any commentary and it was fast and efficient.


In Greenwich, we went to The Royal Observatory and learnt about the history of British astronomy, and the importance of astronomy in navigation.


I hadn’t realised the extent to which astronomy, timekeeping and navigation all rely on each other and essentially being able to track your “home” time on a boat was vital for safe and accurate navigation.

We saw some huge telescopes, and a camera obscura. Very cool indeed.

We also saw the date line where Greenwich Mean Time officially “is”. Here’s a man who bothered to queue up to be photographed with it.


Don’t worry, this was the only part of the day that could be considered wholesome. We quickly restored balance with two massive ice cream sundaes. (Very bad times).


On the boat back we continued the less-than-wholesome stuff, getting the party started with a (half) bottle of champagne.


From there we headed to a pub where we had a table booked and all Matthew’s friends came along. There was food and drink, and a cake. We all sang and gave Matthew presents.

I’m a bit sad it’s over. Good job we’re going on holiday tomorrow, eh?

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