Meatless Monday and Should I Join a Gym?

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Good morning! I hope your week has started out okay. I ran to work yesterday morning and it was somehow an extra 0.18 miles compared to last Wednesday. The exact same route.


You wouldn’t lie to me Garmin….would you?

Perhaps this is just an acceptable margin of error on a 7.5 mile run. Or maybe I crossed the road in different places and this really makes a difference. It’s not a big deal, just curious. (I am pleased to see my pace was faster for the longer route!).


Whilst visiting our friends in Manchester, I took advantage of going to the gym with Charlotte – our hostess – on Sunday morning, as I fancied another go on the treadmill.

File 03-08-2015 09 53 00

I had written off the treadmill as seriously boring but in fact for speed work it’s brilliant. I ran 6km, which included 3 x 500m at 6.46 mile pace. (Sorry to jump about with units of measurement – but my pace will always be in miles). This is the fastest I have ever run an interval that I have recorded. It hurt a lot – but that’s okay.

I love the structure you can apply to treadmill running. My watch is clever, but as above, it’s not 100% accurate, and my “current speed” often varies wildly from second to second. It’s so hard to accurately run at a set speed.

So I have begun to wonder…should I join a gym for interval training once or twice a week?

There are ways I can get a similar workout outdoors without relying on a set pace:

  • Hill repeats are good and can rely on effort rather than a determined speed. I could find a hill and sprint up it five times, then jog or walk back down
  • High intensity interval training can involve just running as fast as you possibly can for a determined amount of time (perhaps 20 seconds) between recovery phases.

Both these options are available to me free of charge, without the need to travel to a gym. Here lies my real issue – do I want to fork out £50+ per month for the gym?

For now, I think I will try out my local leisure centre, which lets you use the gym for £8.40 per session (or £6.40 if you pay a small annual fee) and see whether I continue to make progress. Ultimately, until a monthly membership proves cheaper, this is fine.

I will also try to get my interval training in outdoors, using hills and HIIT. I will let you know how this goes.

Charlotte’s gym used to be a cinema so it’s a really cool building.

2015-08-03 08.59.57


2015-08-03 09.00.29


Afterwards we went for recovery coffee. On our way to Costa Coffee, Matthew spotted an independent which was great.

2015-08-03 14.13.07

I fear Charlotte and I embraced the girly stereotypes, wearing huge amounts of pink between us. I don’t even like these capris – they were £7 and are comfortable!!! My shoes only came in pink from Sweat Shop!!!


2015-08-03 08.58.50


In other news this week, Matthew and I had a Meatless Monday. We both like eating vegetarian, and this was actually just coincidental. But hey, everyone like alliteration.

I had a bagel thin with honey before I ran, and then a banana when I got to work. Lunch was spicy aubergine and noodles from home (very good – bravo Matthew!).

2015-08-03 14.03.35


Then I cooked mushroom risotto (heavy on the mushrooms; light on risotto) for dinner.

2015-08-04 09.35.44

So that’s Monday down 🙂 Have a great week!


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