Midweek musing….and strength training!!

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As a part of my job, I run events for my company and April is absolutely chock full of the things. You wouldn’t believe how much work there is to do around a simple breakfast briefing. Send invitation, people show up, we all eat croissants, company experts tell everyone how amazing our product is, everyone buys said product, and we all go home heroes, right?

Well, no.

There is so much work to do, involving senior management from multiple companies, designers and third party suppliers and SO MANY DEADLINES. Monday was crunch day for my first event, but I think I got everything over the line. (What about the thing I haven’t thought of yet? Let’s not go there).

Anyway, a busy few weeks await me. In standard form, I slept appallingly on Sunday evening, worrying about whether the branded pens would arrive in time for the first event. (They will; I am sure my dedication to worrying at 3am helped to make this so).



Despite being exhausted, I started my week with a run to work.

It didn’t push the pace, as I was already feeling doomed enough through lack of sleep and the impending pen disaster (imPENding disaster?).



My trusty steed bicycle had spent the weekend at work, so I was then able to cycle home on Monday evening, which worked nicely. Almost like I planned it, eh? I do love the logistics of the running/cycling commute 🙂

Yesterday I cycled to/from work which seems to be a rarity these days (a good thing, as it means I’m running more). As part of “healthy April“, I committed to doing some strength work. I have used the Nike Training app, which has a huge number of workouts. It has an entire section called “Get Focused” which they describe as “combine with 30 minutes of cardio to maximize your workout”. Perfect!

Last night I got started with Abs and Arms, which is a quick 15 minute focused workout:

30 seconds tempo squat to bench

1 minute single arm rows (30 seconds each side)

50 second chest press with dead bugs

1 minute hips extension with knee tuck

1 minute reverse flys

30 second dips on bench > man, I cannot do these!

50 second Bicep curl to overhead press


It was just about the right length for me after cycling home from work. There are longer ones, and I would like to do these occasionally, but for now my focus is little and often. I know myself, and I will always choose running over strength, so I need something which I can tag onto the end for now. Hopefully as I see results, I will gain enthusiasm.

My arms already hurt, just from 15 minutes of work. This confirms that I should give up and go back to bed just how important this is.

The weather is reminding us all not to become complacent. I saw many people running without gloves yesterday – I know I’m a freak, and wear gloves 95% of the year, but yesterday was too cold for running with bare hands. I even some some cyclists with short fingered gloves or without any gloves at all, which would have been a form of torture for me.

Where did this lovely weather go? Drying clothes outside is one of my favourite things.


On which note, I think I found where all my running socks had gone. Isn’t this little octopus guy cool?


I found out who my April Foodie Penpal is last night – Kamile who lives in Lithuania. It’s always great sending to someone who lives in a different country from you. I’ve checked in with her to find out what she’s like me to send and look forward to shopping for her!

I really enjoyed my March package from Amy & Troy. They actually baked me protein bars and brownies!! They were delicious! I might think about baking for my foodie penpals in future. I just worry I’ll take the “quality control” too seriously and end up eating the lions (pigs?) share myself.


We’re having a really quite week, watching some Daredevil (I’m still unconvinced) and House of Cards. This is great given how busy work is. Hopefully I will get in more running and strength work too, to stay focused and avoid descending into an “oh-my-God-it’s-so-hard-pass-the-ice-cream-I-mean-gin-okay-both” funk about work.

I hope you’re having a good week!


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