Monday You Suck

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There’s no brave face on this one; yesterday sucked. I slept badly (textbook for Sunday evenings) and then woke up full of cold. I didn’t feel at all hungry, so decided to run into work on an empty stomach. About a mile in, I thought I might pass out.

Note to self: ALWAYS have breakfast before you run!


Fortunately I had an energy gel on me, so I took that like one of those losers who take gels during a 5km fun run. I consoled myself that the people who saw me wouldn’t know I was only 2 miles from home.

Anyway, this didn’t help matters much, and by the time I got to mile four, the Tube was too great a temptation. Although this annoys me, as I was on such a good streak of not wimping out of runs to take the train/Tube, it’s not the end of the world. I just didn’t feel well, and was in two minds whether to run at all. At least I did something – plus I cycled home in the evening.

I spent the day blowing my nose and snorting First Defence – which must have its origins in chemical warfare.

Note to self: NEVER inhale!


2015-08-10 20.23.17


As Matthew wisely told me – tomorrow is a new day. (Although if experience is anything to go by, my cold will actually be worse tomorrow…but let’s not dwell).

Then he made me yummy salad for dinner with loads of vegetables…

2015-08-10 20.21.14


….followed by grilled pineapple. Amazing.

2015-08-10 20.41.47

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