My perfect morning

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Hello, and a very happy Friday to you.

After a busy week, I have high hopes for this weekend. And I’m not hard to please; no need for champagne and caviar. (Well, actually I love champagne….).

Here’s my perfect weekend morning, and as such, the agenda for the first four waking hours of tomorrow (regardless of whether they fall prior to midday).


I wake up to sunlight streaming into the bedroom. In truly ideal world, all the junk on the window cill and chest of drawers would be tidied away.



There’s coffee. Don’t worry, this stupid and wildly inaccurate mug doesn’t belong to me.



I have breakfast in bed. I actually love the sourdough bread from our local baker. This plate has a squirrel on a bicycle and it says “I love cheese and bicycles”. It’s random, but hits the nail on the head.



After my appropriate amount of time – three coffees, or two hours, whichever is longer – I vacate my bed, and go for a run in the sunshine, wearing one of my lovely new running tops.



My pace begins with a “7” – OR the mileage has two digits.



I come home to delicious healthy lunch, which has been prepared in my absence (i.e. with no input from me).



I should probably share this agenda with my chief barista/chef (Matthew), the weatherman, and the overflowing laundry basket (current home to all my new running tops) before tomorrow. I’ve only got one shot at the relaxing morning, as we’re off to watch the London marathon on Sunday! Best of luck to all running – I hope you have calming Saturdays, and feel confident and happy. I am jealous/so relieved I don’t have to run it 🙂

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