October Foodie Penpal

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Good morning!

Well, another month has been and gone. It is crazy that it’s bonfire night tomorrow! Crazy, but amazing. I love bonfire night, and we’ll be spending it with my family. Check back for shit photos of fireworks on Friday.

Anyway; Foodie Penpals. Last month my package came from Dawn, who lives in central Scotland. Getting this package is always SO exciting, and Dawn had posted some recipes on the box, which was a lovely touch (and one I fully intend to steal for the next package I send).




If it looks like it was ripped open in an absolutely frenzy, that’s because it was. Don’t worry, I took photos of the recipes beforehand.



Here’s the loot in full.



Strangely, the first thing to go were the oat cakes. I have to immediately open and devour something (my own personal rule), and I am very very partial to an oat cake. So I ate about four, just by themselves. Well, it would have been stranger if I’d ground the garlic salt directly into my mouth, wouldn’t it?



I took the tea and various snack items to work. There are two fruit/seed bars from The Foodie Market, a packet of Graze soy roasted seeds, and a packet of chocolate chip biscuits. Can you guess which I ate first? (It’s not my fault the bloody biscuit packet opened in my bike bag. They would have gone stale if I hadn’t eaten them. I’m a bloody hero).




The popcorn was enjoyed whilst watching Kingsmen on Friday night. Good film, delicious popcorn….



…(washed down with wine; model’s own – a Pinot Noir from Oregon! Strange enough we had to try it).



There was a pot of delicious jam, which I have enjoyed on toast and also in porridge. Very good indeed.




So far, I have only tried one of the recipes, for Beef Stifado. (Yes, the name made me titter. So childish).



It ticked some of my boxes, big time. Firstly, given how many ingredients there were, I only had to buy the beef, the potatoes and the beans. Everything else we had in stock. Sure, the fact we had oranges was a lucky coincidence, but most of the ingredients are things you’re likely to have in. TICK.

It is cooked in the slow cooker. TICK.

It only needs you to fry up some onion and garlic in the morning, making this the easiest dish ever. (Especially when Matthew does the onion/garlic frying for you). TICK.

It was delicious, and had a real taste of Christmas about it. Matthew since confessed to adding three times as many cloves as the recipe called for. Oh well. It was great!



I will absolutely be trying the other recipe – for raspberries and ricotta on brioche – soon!

This was a great and varied package. From tea, to soup, to snacks, to the garlic salt, everything was delicious. The recipes really added a personal touch, and the stifado was delicious. Thank you Dawn!!!

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