Osaka – Day 8

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Well, bad news everyone. I am not coming back, as I have found the hotel of my dreams. It’s the Swissotel Osaka. Here are the things we love so far:

Room upgrade on arrival due to the romance of it all. We smiled sweetly; so in love. UPGRADE – YEAH!

This great view upon arrival (another 30+ floor room for poor Matthew to contend with)…


….and this great view when we got home at the end of the evening.


Now, here comes the really good stuff. Check this out.


I have never seen this – an inbuilt adapter/UK plug, in the desk. Am I being stupid? I have stayed in some great (and often expensive) hotels before and have never had this. It’s amazing.


Even better (perhaps – it’s a close call) after 8 days of travelling….this:


Clean pants for the rest of the trip! Pure joy.

This is the first hotel of this trip (and in honesty the first hotel in a while) which has an iron and ironing board in the room. Matthew tells me it is the best iron he’s ever used, and we’ll need to buy one just like it when we get home.


He was searching for things to iron (and I was willingly finding things). Sure beats the hotel in Greece which charged us €15 to iron massive creases into the front of his trousers. Oh the tantrum. Not really the point of this post, but when people are travelling, surely access to an iron (even if through reception) should be obligatory. Making us pay – for a shit service – seems totally unreasonable. I now check ahead that an iron can be obtained free of charge, or it’s travel iron time.

The shower, besides it’s clothes-hanging abilities, is fantastic. Powerful and hot. (I can actually hear it; “yes Matthew, just like you”. Too much time together!).

We didn’t really have much planned for Osaka. This was supposed to be a base from which we’d go to Hiroshima for day 9. but in fact the museum is 90% closed. We dithered, spent time with the monks in Koyasan, got to this lovely hotel, and decided to slob out in Osaka instead. Speedy research was needed as we had no idea what (if anything) of interest was here. The guide book called it the “eating and drinking capital of Japan”. Sold!

Plaits; for people who can no longer be arsed to do their hair.


We headed out and immediately hit the lights of Osaka.


This was right up my street (literally and metaphorically). We started out with some cocktails…



….then went to a meat restaurant. Well, we had just spent a night at a Buddhist temple, eating vegetarian food.


Plus, Matthew got to cook again.



It was delicious. Some ambiguous things were ordered; we still don’t know what this was. Some sort of “connective tissue” was Matthew’s best bet. It was very rubbery, but I ate it, Do you judge me?

(Also, looking at the below, I can see an obvious joke. I don’t believe it was that).


Anyway, there ended day 8! I hope your Mondays were good too.



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