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Since I am not training for a particular race, I have been looking for a new challenge or goal to see me through this most greedy time of the year. I tried the Run Every Day October challenge, but a chest cold saw me abandoning ship halfway through. A shame, but health comes first.


But let’s not dwell; what’s next?

In my routine daily trawl of the internets, I discovered the Pile On The Miles challenge for which is taking place 1st-28th November. The idea is that you set yourself a goal, make the commitment to the group, and then check in on your progress every Saturday.


The goal is entirely your own, and could be a number of miles you want to run, a number of times per week you’ll go to the gym, or simply a commitment to walk for a number of minutes a day. Whatever works for you! As winter creeps in, it’s colder, daylight is limited, and food and drink is plentiful. The idea is to pile on the miles rather than the pounds. 


I challenge myself to run 100 miles in November!

This is the 7th year of this challenge, and this year it is being organised and co-ordinated by one of my favourite bloggers: Run Eat Repeat.

You can sign up here!

You should also have a read of her blog. She runs, drinks wine, has red hair, has a cat….SOUND FAMILIAR? (She’s not actually me, to be clear). 

This is basically 25 miles per week, since the challenge ends on 28th November. This should be achievable, but it will mean I can’t skive off. This will be good for me with Christmas just around the corner.

What’s your Pile On The Miles goal?

What have you got planned for Halloween?


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  2. […] worry; I didn’t get to spend this morning lazing around, as I desperately need to start piling on the miles. 100 miles in November? Shit shit […]

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