Pile On The Miles Update

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Good morning! It’s the end of week two of Pile On The Miles, so it’s time to check in. My goal for the month is 100 miles – am I on track?

(I’ve included the Garmin training effect). 

Thursday 5th November – I did a hilly run to Crystal Palace; my first run of the month as I had been ill. This run left me pretty sore for a few days afterwards! 9.5 miles @ 8.35 pace. TE: 5.0. 


Friday 6th November– a run with some hills down in Sussex. It was raining and I really wanted to talk myself out of it, but I was already behind with POTM. 5.5 miles @ 8.36 pace. TE: 4.1 


Saturday 7th November – another run in Sussex, and this time I dragged Matthew. Again, it rained. Bah. 4 miles @ 9.09 pace. TE: 3.5. 


Monday 9th November – a run after work. I didn’t really fancy this one, having just cycled home into a headwind. I always find it tough to get out the house once I’m home, especially when it’s dark and wet. 4.5 miles @ 8.49 pace. TE: 3.6. 


Tuesday 10th November – I ran home from work, into the wind. I was very surprised my pace for this run was better than my run the previous night. 8.18 miles @ 8.30 pace. TE: 4.3. 


Thursday 12th November – I ran into work, and the wind must have been behind me. It was mild and sunny, which makes for great running weather. 7.7 miles @ 8.20 pace. TE: 3.9.


Friday 13th November – lucky for some, it was a lovely sunny day and I didn’t have to work. A quick local run before packing and heading to the airport. 4.5 miles @ 8:18 pace. TE: 4.0.


Saturday 14th November – a run up in Edinburgh….and it wasn’t raining! 4 miles @ 8:40 pace. TE 3.4.


Grand total: 47.18 miles. This isn’t bad, given that I am still trying to make up for time lost when I was ill at the start of the month. Ultimately, come hell or high water I WILL run 100 miles this month, and the closer I am to achieving weekly goals, the fewer back-to-back 10-mile runs I will have to do in the final days of the challenge. 

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