The Princess Charlotte Run

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Yesterday I did my first interval training! MOTIVATION MAY. God, I hate it. It makes me feel feel like I am going to throw up.

I only did 2.75 miles with four one-minute sprints, so not exactly record breaking. Hopefully I can build up to more sprints and increase the overall distance, but for now I am just pleased I actually got out there and did it. I will find any excuse not to do interval training.

I thought I would share some photos from my weekend! As I mentioned, we were at a wedding on Sunday in the very centre of London, right next to Trafalgar Square. Exciting!

I stayed in a hotel next door to the wedding venue with the bride on Saturday, the eve of the Big Day, and woke up on Sunday full of nerves and excitement. What better way to keep calm than burn off some energy with a run around some of London’s beautiful parks!

It just so happened the unnamed Princess Charlotte was born on the Saturday, so London was full of festivity (and press!).

Our hotel was just by St. James’s Park which is where I started my run. It was so pretty…



….then through Green Park to see the Queen!



I saw the official announcement of Princess Charlotte’s birth which was only displayed for 24 hours. I definitely chose the right day to go for a run around the Royal Parks!


Then I did a loop of Hyde Park to get in some uninterrupted miles. I ran past Kensington Palace where the press were camped out, hoping to see the new Princess.



My legs felt good and the excitement of the day ahead was pushing me along.



Then back to the hotel for coffee, champagne and WEDDING TIME.


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  1. Non-runner question… Why interval training? What’s the grand plan?

    • Running intervals is great for improving speed and endurance. When you run fast, you reach a point where your body can’t flush away the lactic acid quickly enough and your muscles start to burn and you’re left gasping for air. The idea is to delay this point. By running intervals, you encourage your body to develop more capillaries to deliver more oxygen to the muscles – and you can run faster for longer.
      It’s also good mental training for the “God, I am going to throw up” moments running throws at you 🙂
      The grand plan is a sub 1hr40min half marathon in 2015!! Current PB is 1hr42 – those two minutes will not be easy to lose!

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