Ready to Whoop My Colleagues!

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Hello! It’s the J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge tonight, so the corporate rivalry is really setting in. This is the first time I will have run with this company and there are apparently about 50 of us doing it. A great turn out!


We have a Tube strike here in London which has shut down the entire system today. Very bad timing for this race. Fortunately, I will be taking the train, but I presume it will be super busy.

I have heard whispers that someone at my company can run this in 23 minutes (bearing in mind this is a 5.6km run – that extra 0.6km making all the difference!). I have no great expectations of myself as I have absolutely no game plan for such short distances. RUN RUN RUN being the best I can come up with. Like a scalded cat I set off, and like a wounded animal I finish., Negative splits? Yeah right. My first mile pace will be about 6:30 and then about 9:30 for the final one. Still, I have heard lots of chat from the lads who sit behind me so I would really quite like to beat them.

Still, never one to get distracted by the actual race, the post-race fun should be good. Our company has booked an area in a nearby pub – which means they’re pretty organised, as the local pubs book up about 11 months before the race. Battersea gets busy! Hopefully we will polish of a decent few drinks (and dare I hope, some food?!) to reward us for our efforts. Hopefully I will have something to brag about.

So here’s how my day looks….


I will let you know how I get on!!

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