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Well, it’s Friday and I for one and ready for the weekend. I’m going to the horse racing tomorrow, and then for a birthday high tea on Sunday. (Plus I need to do an intervals run, a long run, and a deck of cards workout….rough with the smooth, eh?).


Salmon, Leek and Broccoli Filo Pie

Serves: 4

358kcal per portion

We had some filo pastry left over from who-knows-when, which needed to be eaten this month.

2015-08-14 09.59.49

So, I decided to make salmon, leek and broccoli filo pie. This is another Healthy Food Guide recipe (URL in the above title). It uses tinned salmon, so it’s cheaper than cooking with fresh. I made up the filling, and compiled the pie ready to pop in the oven 30 minutes before we wanted to eat. I love recipes that let me do that as it means I can get the prep out the way, do the washing up, shower (from cycling) and then relax whilst dinner finishes off.

For us this made a pie which served six easily. Below is a normal-sized dinner plate. Really, there was loads. We only used two extra sheets of filo so the calorie count will be lower than advertised.

I served this with a side salad and it was great. It contains lots of vegetables, some carbohydrates and some protein – all in one dish. It was a decent sized serving for 360kcal too.

2015-08-14 09.59.09

Will make again!


Here are some other things I have eaten recently…


Asian-style beef salad, with leftover beef from Paellacue

2015-08-10 20.21.14


Baked pineapple, which we had with low fat natural yoghurt.

2015-08-10 20.41.47


Avocado on Ryvita for breakfast (whilst my laptop does its thing….)

2015-08-12 08.53.34


Leftover paella from Paellacue. It was so good!

2015-08-14 10.03.10


Pod’s mango super food pot (which has almonds and quinoa in. Delicious!).

2015-08-14 10.04.04


Have a great weekend!!

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