Record mileage in March!

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Wouldn’t life be so much better if every week only had four working days? (Actually, maybe two or three would be better. One?).

We finished up last weekend with a very lazy Monday. I took a rest from running, as I’d done six consecutive days and absolutely don’t want to injure myself. We went for a quick walk around the common and ran into some of the aftermath of the weekend’s storm.

Yep, this tree actually ripped up the concrete path.



We then went home, ate Easter chocolate and watched Disney’s Robin Hood. That fox is so hot. (You heard me).


Several cups of tea, a jigsaw puzzle, and a documentary about film scores followed. Typical lazy Sunday Monday stuff.

I’d left my bike at work to nicely line up a run to work on Tuesday morning (and thus cycle home Tuesday evening). It felt like 4.45am when my alarm went off (thank you clock change) and it was dark. Miserable. Still the sun eventually showed up and the wind was behind me, but I wasn’t feeling amazing, so I took it easy. I told myself I could bow out at any point, as I follow a tube line most of the way. I often bribe myself with this, but on this occasion I meant it. There is nothing to be gained from running with a mouthful of sick, is there? (Well, unless it’s a race, in which case it’s entirely standard). 7.7 miles @ 8.22 pace and it didn’t feel too hard at any point.

I actually haven’t felt great all week, so that’s my only run so far. I have felt kind of achy in my back and hips, and I couldn’t tell if I was generally ill, or if those bits of my body hurt from running. Either way, it made sense to take a break.


Nonetheless, my March mileage was….


114 miles!!


I am pretty bloody pleased with myself. It’s a decent increase on 73 miles for January (February doesn’t count, as it’s about five minutes long), and I have seen my pace pick up too.



I leave you with this, which my friend sent me this morning. True dat.


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