Recovery – Let’s Go!

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After a VERY fun weekend in Bordeaux, this week is all about recovery. Back to exercise (although this didn’t take much of a hit whilst I was away), and back to healthy eating (which was abandoned the second we arrived at the airport).

On Monday and Tuesday I cycled to work. There should be some decent running opportunities later this week, ensuring I get in the miles, and cycling was practical for moving my laptop and getting in some food shopping.

Now, I do count calories and keep them in mind, but I don’t write everything I eat down. It’s not that I don’t think that’s worthwhile – it absolutely is. My problem is that the “good” days will always been within my allotted 1300-1500 calories. It’s eating out and weekends away which cause me problems, and here calories information isn’t normally readily available.

So I do read calorie information for food I buy for weekday lunches, and for recipes, and try to stick to 200kcal for breakfast, 500kcal for lunch and 600kcal for dinner. I am fully aware the issue lies with the unusual days, and those are the ones I really need to try to control.

Anyway, having utterly failed to control the fun in Bordeaux, it is absolutely essential that this week be well behaved. So first things first – breakfast both days was breakfast biscuits (Weetabix ones this week) and coffee, as always.

As we’d been away all weekend, there was no lunch to take in on Monday. I bought myself the Best of Itsu set because sushi is the best (and Itsu is near my office and sells sushi).

For Monday dinner, Matthew cooked WeightWatcher’s Jerk Chicken and pineapple salsa that I LOVE. He made loads, so there was plenty for me to take to lunch on Tuesday. Winners winners chicken dinners!

2015-07-28 13.55.41


Like almost everything, this is best with some sort of spicy sauce….

2015-07-28 13.58.10


Matthew then made me a melon lolly using our Zoku Quick Pop Maker. I’ve said it before, and I will say it again. This thing is amazing. It was just blended fruit and the lolly tasted great.

It was my turn to cook on Tuesday evening, so I made Smoky Beef Patties with Couscous Salad. This was the first time I had made this recipe and it was good, if a little small. Small is a necessary evil right now. It will be made again.

2015-07-29 09.46.23


We had some meringue nests that needed eating, so we had one of these with some raspberries and low fat yoghurt for pudding. We don’t always have pudding, but I’ll admit I am a fan of something sweet after dinner. Sometimes we just have a low calories hot chocolate….but often it’s a little more substantial.

2015-07-28 21.08.04

I didn’t drink anywhere near enough water on holiday so I have been ensuing I drink two full litres of water at my desk each day. This really works wonders for my skin and no doubt I should make more effort to drink water at the weekend.

Today I am already feeling healthier and it’s always nice to be back on track. The week’s running also starts today, so hopefully I can undo the damage done within a couple of weeks. I’ll keep you posted!

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