RHS London Harvest Festival Show

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Well, if you wanted confirmation that I am basically middle aged – beyond the damning proof of the geography teacher footwear – here it is. Last night, we went to the Royal Horticultural Society’s Harvest Festival Show.

First up though, a run to work. By some miracle I managed to beat the rain. I was fully prepared to get piss wet through, so this was a pleasant surprise. Towards the end, my headphones’ battery started to die; something it announced to me every 30 seconds making them essentially unusable. They died within 10 minutes making them literally unusable.

Surely most people run for an hour or so at a time (as a rough average) so if they could tell me every ten minutes for the final hour of power, that would be more than sufficient for me to charge them before my next run. Telling me they’re dying repeatedly, so I can’t hear my music, and giving me 10 minutes’ warning when I’m obviously nowhere near a plug – not helpful.

Still, I passed the final two miles listening to my own gasping breathing.


Not only was this Run Every Day – Day 6 accomplished, but it also left me bike free and ready to enjoy the evening.

I didn’t have much idea of what to expect from a Harvest Festival Show. My last interaction with harvest festivals was in infant school, when we’d take cans of sweetcorn into school to give to….charity? Yes, they must have gone to charity. (Right?).

Brief research told me food and drink (by which I mean alcohol) was on sale (well THANK GOD) and it described itself as a foodie feast celebrating the taste of autumn. Very promising indeed. Of course alongside this were classics such as the “heaviest pumpkin competition”. I’m really enjoying autumn so far – even the pissing rain – so I could totally get behind this.

And it was so much fun! I arrived pretty confident I was in the right place thanks to the sound of violin and accordion music. 

Thirst things first….


I opted for the apple crisp. Because Tequila. Obviously. 


At this point I text Matthew, asking him to bring “flipping great wads of cash” which he duly did (and we duly spent).

There were some enormous vegetables.




And plate after plate of seemingly perfect fruit and vegetables. How on earth anyone can judge these is beyond me – they all looked the same! 




Autumn colours really are the best, and were fully deployed here.




Gardening has become so fashionable; I just don’t know where people find the time and energy. It’s not even like painting a room – where you do it, and it’s done. Keeping a nice garden requires time on a regular basis which I find a bit depressing. A never-ending chore. Still, I didn’t let on that all we have in our garden is two dead lavender plants and one dead olive tree (all totally dead….not a leaf or flower in sight), and I wasn’t kicked out for being a charlatan. In fairness, I was knocking back the £7 cocktails, so I am probably they’re ideal customer. 

It really was a very pleasant way to spend a couple of hours and we will be back again next year.




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