Run in the rain and bonfire night….deja vu?

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Don’t worry – this isn’t the same post as Friday’s! I seem to be in something of a “groundhog day” situation, but fortunately the day involves a run (in the rain….that bit could improve), and then mulled wine, bonfires and fireworks. I could do this day over and over and over, but sadly, this will be it for 2015.

So, first off for the day – a run (in the rain).


I kind of dragged Matthew with me. He never really wants to run, but also knows it is good for him. So he doesn’t thank me….and kind of hates me….and then is pleased he did it. The hills around my parents’ house aren’t extreme, but they’re notably tougher than anything around ours (except Crystal Palace).

Here are the total elevation stats:

Thursday Crystal Palace (9 miles) : 687ft

Friday Sussex (5 miles): 342ft

Saturday Sussex (4 miles): 247ft

My standard Tooting common run (4.5 miles): 119ft

A friend of mine often runs near her local canal, which of course is flat. She likes to routinely throw in the odd hill as otherwise when she runs when she’s on holiday it kills her. I am inclined (geddit?) to agree. It’s a great way to make a run harder, and get more out of the miles. Even if it hurts like hell at the time.


We bought a load of mulled wine on our way home from my parents’….


….and quickly got to baking up a load of sausage and chickpea-and-feta rolls for us to snack on at the fireworks.



Fortunately the rain stopped and it even brightened up a bit.


We met up with our friends, drank mull, enjoyed the bonfire and watched the fireworks. 




We’ve got our London bonfire night routine DOWN, and rather than pile back to the station with the thousands of other spectators, we book a table at a nearby Italian restaurant. It didn’t disappoint, and we warmed ourselves with wine and pasta. 

Today is definitely a rest day – and now we’re off to see SPECTRE for free, from the points we earned exercising this week (with our health insurance). What a win!

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