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Good morning! So, we’re on day #15 of the Run Every Day challenge from The Running Bug. I have indeed run every day, although I failed to log one day into Running Bug. The rules are that you have to log the mile on the day itself, or it doesn’t count. Annoying – but The Running Bug is a business, and the ultimate goal of this challenge is to increase traffic to their website, and to force people to visit it daily.

So. That is what it is. But I have run every day, and that is what matters. Here are the stats:



I was really hoping this challenge would see me run further than a mile each time, but for the majority of October I have been either tapering for the half marathon (or before that, trying to be careful not to injure myself ahead of it) and then recovering from it. As such, the vast majority of the runs have been for 1.2 miles, running round the block. 

So much of the battle of running is actually getting out there; putting on the clothes, tying back my hair, getting all the gear together, going out into the cold and running the boring-but-unavoidable bit by my house, showering afterwards etc. Given that this overhead is the same whether it’s one mile or 10, this challenge really should encourage me to get more miles under my belt.

Last night I opted to do a lap of our local park, coming to 4.6 miles. This is precisely what i am hoping to do more of! I will keep you posted. 

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