Running (and falling over) in the rain – FML

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Well, it has been a week of ups and downs.

Up: I found these little things which hook your glasses round your ears.


I don’t wear them all the time, but for running they’re amazing. My glasses absolutely stay put no matter what, when I previously would never consider wearing my glasses to run. No need for contact lenses; one less barrier to getting my arse out the door.


Down: I wore my glasses running in the rain, and it was an epic fail. They misted up like crazy, and I couldn’t see a thing most of the time.


It was dark, so my route stuck to roads the whole time which wasn’t ideal, given that I couldn’t see. I normally enjoy running in the ran, but the blindness really was a bit disappointing.


Up: I used to say I always run to work in 1:04 This stopped being true, but for the wrong reasons as my times slipped to 1:05….and then 1:06.

Well, on Tuesday I ran to work in….1:01:41! Crazy stuff. Here are my splits. I was pretty chuffed.

2016-02-17 19.54.59

So average pace of 8:03, where precisely two weeks before it was 8:30. I don’t know what was different. I mean, it was cold – could that be it? It was the same route, same gear, same time, same sleep, same everything. Anyway, I’m not questioning the dark art.


Down: My poor old car has been in the wars, which culminated with it being towed to a garage when it really reeeeeally wouldn’t start. I guess this comes with the territory with a 14-year old car, but it was sad nonetheless.


Anyway, the old girl’s back with us now. In fact, she was feeling very much the big dog next to the Smart Car that was also parked on our drive last night. A rarity.

2016-02-17 20.20.18


Down: I fell over 🙁


I was running and I skidded on a corner (you know it’s gone wrong when you have use language typically saved for discussing MarioKart). This was also during my rainy (blind) run. You know what, maybe I’m not a fan of running in the rain.


Up: This glass of wine. In my hand. Right now.


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