Running in Lewes

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Hello! Is it just me, or am I do I spent every weekend away from home these days?!

I was in Lewes this weekend to celebrate a friend’s 40th birthday. Lewes is a lovely little town in East Sussex, with an 11th century castle, a brewery, lots of small independent shops and cafes….and about a billion pubs.



In fact, cutting straight to the chase, we stayed in a pub and I had a pint in my hand about ten minutes after we checked in. Well, actually we stopped off at a pub on the way to the pub we were staying at. You see where this is going. There are a lot of really nice old pubs, fueled by the great beer produced by the brewery. They seemed to be full of locals accompanied by the odd dog. We saw very few children or families around; really quite different from the bright, airy but slightly-formulaic family pubs in South West London.

You know what they say, “when in Rome….”.

Needless to say, I did not feel great on Saturday morning. I washed my breakfast down with several cups of coffee and about a litre of orange juice before hitting the road for a run.

Well, road in the loosest sense. Lewes is surrounded by beautiful countryside, and even just running four miles, about 95% of it was spent on off-road paths. This was really hard work on the ankles, but that helped distract me from the pain in my head. God, there’s a slightly manic look in my eye, isn’t there?

“Pretend you’re enjoying it”

“I’M TRYING MY BEST, is this a smile?”.



In a bid to escape the lure of the pub, we spent most of Saturday walking along the South Downs, which involved getting up the hill and then being rewarded with amazing views for about eight miles, before going down the hill….and to the pub.

We saw lots of walkers, mountain bikers and trail runners, including the Gurkhas who were training for Trailwalker which takes place on the Downs next month.



Exhausted and with varying degrees of sunburn we then got the train back to Lewes, and had a big fat curry for dinner before heading to another of Lewes’s pubs for a final drink. Everything shuts down at 11pm in Lewes, but this actually suited us as we were all shattered.

Thank you Lewes, I am pretty sure we will be back soon.

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