Running In Manchester

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We spent last weekend visiting friends up in Manchester. I have two university friends who live up there, with their husbands and kids. We all hung out together on Saturday until a babysitter took over for the littler ones, and the bigger ones went out for Saturday evening dinner.

On Sunday we weren’t in any particular rush so I took the opportunity to run somewhere new. With only two weeks until the Summer Breeze Half Marathon in Wimbledon, I really didn’t want a weekend without running at all. Fortunately, our friends live about a mile away from a lovely canal.

Check out the goslings!! I seriously worried I would get attacked by a protective mother goose, but they seemed to trust me.




It was a really nice place to run, with some bits feeling so rural…..


….and other bits definitely more urban.




We headed out for brunch at Altrincham Market, which was amazing! There is big, heated and very civilised food hall. There are lots of stalls, and you just find a table, then order your food at the stall. They then bring the food (and coffee!) to you. With a huge range of food on sale – from traditional brunch fare, to pizza, pies, tapas, Mexican and a steak place, it was hard to choose.




Matthew definitely won with his braised short rib benedict… (yes, that is sriracha round the outside!)


but I was VERY happy with my steak sandwich!


Cheeky peanut butter doughnut for pudding….



Later on Sunday afternoon, we headed into central Manchester to meet one of Matthew’s very good friends who moved to Manchester fairly recently. We can handle friends living outside London to long as they all group in one city so it’s easy for us to see them 🙂

As we were child free, we headed straight for a bar, and had some drinks and small plates of food.

I had the best cocktail there is…



Then it was time to catch the train home. Thank you for a lovely weekend Manchester friends!!




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  1. You forgot about the best hot chocolate EVER

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