Running Intervals. Hideous.

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So, this week I have done two strength workouts so far, which is GREAT. Like actually beyond comprehension, given how much I try to dodge anything which might build muscle and help me to improve. However, my running has taken a hit as I have only done 4.5 miles during the week (compared to 24 last week!).

I decided to squeeze in a punchy intervals run after work last night and somehow managed not to talk myself out of it during my cycle home (standard).


I did 6 x 200m sprints with 400m recovery between each.



In total total I ran three miles – but this wasn’t about distance, it was about SPEED. Here’s how it went down.

Interval 1 pace: 6:33

Interval 2 pace: 6:43

Interval 3 pace: 6:36

Interval 4 pace: 6:22

Interval 5 pace: 6:05

Interval 6 pace: 5:54


I think I got faster later on as I become more comfortable with the length of my intervals; when I couldn’t cope any more, it was very almost recovery time. Also I really got to grips with what recovery entails, and I felt I took it much more slowly between the later intervals, although the Garmin tells me they were all at around 9:21 mile pace.

Needless to say, I felt like vomiting every time, but that’s how you know you’re doing it right.


Here’s how I looked 30 seconds after I got home….

2015-08-14 19.03.30


…and things deteriorated rapidly.

2015-08-14 19.26.17


Still it is Friday, so I somehow found the motivation to get up off the floor. After that hell, it was definitely gin o’clock.

2015-08-14 22.16.44


I got so lucky that I missed an epic downpour which started about a minute after I got home.

2015-08-14 19.26.51


Matthew cooked me lovely recovery dinner.

2015-08-14 22.15.56


We shared a bottle of wine from our favourite region (Ribera del Duero in Spain). Do you LOVE Funny Face’s purple camouflage tunnel?? Needless to say we do. The perfect finish to our sitting room.

2015-08-14 22.15.30


We watched some Friday Night Lights.

2015-08-14 22.16.22


Matthew received a huge delivery of food for his company picnic. Ha, Funny Face lives up to her name.

2015-08-14 22.15.00

Hope your weekend has started out well!

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