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It’s so windy at the moment. I had planned to cycle to work yesterday, but when I woke up the wind was howling and it was pouring with rain. I don’t mind getting a bit damp or sweating through a headwind, but this felt dangerous – so the bike stayed at home.

Instead I did my strength training. MOTIVATION MAY!

Anyway, back to running.

Last summer, I decided to properly tackle my running style. I was getting hip flexor pain and the physiotherapist I saw suggested I go to a running school to see what they thought.

Running School

I opted for The Running School at Body-Loigic in Battersea. It cost £260 for seven sessions (usually six, but I got one for free) so wasn’t a cheap approach – but cheaper than endless physiotherapy, and the pain was pretty bad after mile eight, and by the end of a marathon, it was agony.

The Running School sessions were incredibly tough. You had to hop on and off a moving treadmill which I thought would be harder, but actually got the hang of pretty quickly.

They wanted to see my running under stress, so went for eight minute miles at 5% incline (albeit only for about 10 seconds at a time). This was hard work, and my instructor Sam would politely watch me gasping for breath between runs.

I opted out of cycling to later sessions, and I really needed everything I had just to get through the hour.

However, here are the results. Check out my ridiculous shuffle in the “before video”. I ran a marathon like this!!!

I won’t go into any detail of what they taught me, as I am not the expert. I can however say that I have not had the hip pain since. I definitely don’t run in the exaggerated way they taught me, but the basic form is there. I am way off my original gait and I do more strength exercises to firm up the “big muscles” and my core, to make sure they’re pulling their weight.

I strongly recommend the Running School from my personal experience. I have a few half marathons coming up, so fingers crossed for improved times!

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  1. I enjoyed this post. Glad to hear that this helped your hip problem!

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