The week’s off to a running start!

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With my poor bike abandoned at work since last Tuesday (hopefully people think the cobwebs are some sort of Halloween decoration), I ran in yesterday morning. This meant carrying my clothes in my backpack (and wearing my running shoes all day….ahem), but it was a good way to get the week started. 



The day actually started when Matthew’s alarm went off at 5.45am for no reason. Thanks for that. Where were you last week when his alarm didn’t go off and he had to panic get an Uber to the gym in time for the second half of his PT session?? 

Fortunately, I am not one to hold a grudge. I mean, I will probably only bring this up a handful more times. Ten at the most. 

Matthew is now back at jiu jitsu (a Japanese martial art, and the true love of his life) two evenings a week, which is great for him. The gym was only meant to be an interim solution whilst he saw a physiotherapist about a sore shoulder. Now he’s doing the gym three mornings a week, and jitsu two evenings a week. The mornings don’t impact me too much (give or take his alarm chaos), but the evenings give me a couple of nights in alone a week.

I quite like this; it forces me to cook, rather than “letting” Matthew do it all. I can watch my preferred TV genre – “utter crap” – without interruption. Above all, I can go to bed at 9pm, without him giving me side eye because I’m a lamo.

It represents evenings of achieving some tasks, relaxing, then bed. Heaven. In an ideal world, this Fanta Zero would be a G&T but you know….it’s only Monday….


Last night, I cooked a roasted vegetable pasta dish from my beloved Healthy Food Guide magazine. 

In reality, I veered from the recipe; and the concept of combining roasted vegetables with pasta is far from novel. But it’s a great resource for inspiration, and I’ve found some of my favourite recipes on this website. I made enough for Matthew to have some when he got home from jitsu, with leftovers for lunch. 


I was itching to watch more House of Cards, but this is something Matthew and I are watching together, so it was a no go. I settled for some Friday Night Lights, which strangely Matthew doesn’t mind missing out on. Weirdo. 

And so was Monday. Next up…..*drum roll*……TUESDAY!


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