Running to Work

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Hello! How’s it going?

On Tuesday morning this week, I ran into work because I was meeting friends for dinner and didn’t want to take my bike. It was a lovely sunny morning, and I listened to episodes 3 and 4 of Serial and then to Pearl Jam for the final mile (“yeah I, oooooh aaaaaai, I’m still alive” – you said it buddy).



Having entirely skived off running the whole way to work for about six months, I am really pleased I seem to be back into it. (Do you like how it sounds entirely out of my control? That’s because it is).

Running to my suburban office, it was FAR too easy to hop on the train partway through my run. Even though my run into the City follows a tube line for most the way, the closer I get to town, the more busy the tube is. In fact, stopping, squeezing myself onto the tube, changing lines, and getting to work would almost definitely take longer than running the final 3 miles (the point at which the temptation to stop kicks in). The best motivation out there; make the alternative even less appealing.

Having been told the showers at my City office were terrible, I have discovered they’re not. Frankly, they’re amazing. Spacious, clean, and almost brand new. The shower is hot and powerful, there are various hooks and rails to put clothes and towels on, and there is a fold-down seat. The mirror is one of those that doesn’t even steam up! So far, I haven’t had to queue to use one and now I am set up with toiletries and towels at work, the overhead of running into this office is minimal.

I’m opting to have breakfast before I run, as I think this makes a huge difference to the perceived effort. I have a banana when I get in, and yes, I am starving by 11am but that’s okay. I fill that gap with lots and lots of coffee. That said, yesterday I got one from Pod which was seriously disappointing. Huge but so very weak; I won’t be trying that again.

I love how I feel after my run to work. It gives me such a good feeling; way better than cycling. Cycling is obviously my staple mode of transport. I can lug all my stuff from A to B; pick up food shopping on the way home, and it’s way faster. Fortunately, my social life offers me regular situations which involve me leaving my bike at home, and running slots in nicely now I am all set up with showers etc. in both offices.


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